Who Is The Real Author Of Naruto?


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  • You can watch movies in your preferred resolution or quality.
  • It derives its content from various other sources and this is why it has such a rich database.
  • So when the chance for him to take the hunter qualifier exam occurs, he takes it.

They then have a heated conversation and Moro soon tells Ashitaka how she found San. Before going back inside she too warns Ashitaka that if he returns she will kill him. The next day he leaves and gives one of the wolves the crystal dagger for son.

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At Lake Akina, Takumi says that Kyoichi was an amazing opponent, but he regrets going to Akagi. The next day, Itsuki is still excited because of the battle the previous night, however Takumi is bummed out because he knows that he couldn’t have beaten Seiji on any other course. Takumi decides to stop racing on Akina, choosing to only race on other courses, even if he loses. At the gas station where they work Itsuki brings up getting an Eight-Six again, catching the attention of 64-bit Koichiro Iketani. Much to Itsuki and Iketani’s shock, Takumi says that he doesn’t even know what an Eight-Six is, with the two of them telling him that it is a Toyota.

Kii respects Tomoko more than anyone else in her family. She looks up to her and refers to her as an older sister which pleases Tomoko greatly. Tomoko tried to be nicer to her in an attempt to win her back, even bringing her along to watch her win a card game against younger children, and trying to give her money at New Year’s which Kii refuses. Culling set pieces, costumes, and concepts from traditional Japanese folklore, Vampire Princess Miyu makes for a spooky and elegant watch.

EP 10 Battlefield: Heart Kingdom

The animation is simply gorgeous, easily on par with Studio Ghibli, perhaps even more so. The attention to detail on the raindrops and water is highly reminiscent of Shinkai’s 2013 film “The Garden Of Words”, another of his work that used rain as a plot device. The characters are likeable and well developed, particularly Hodaka and Hina.

In fact, the previews and key visuals demonstrated that Dr. Stone can be translated into the anime medium. Studio TMS collaborated with Crunchyroll to delivery to us a definitive imagination of the post-apocalyptic world. Just as in the manga, the anime takes in a period some 3700 years after the modern times.


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